Statement From Ripped Gym

I was arrested yesterday for breach of Covid regulations for keeping my gym open.  I have a responsibility to my members and those that use the gym not just for physical but also for mental health.

I don't believe the country should be in a second lockdown as it's based on false, manipulated and inaccurate figures. There would be no need to manipulate figures if there was a real pandemic. I am not saying the virus isn't real, I'm saying it's not as bad as the government and media are leading us to believe.  They are scaremongering and filling the public with unnecessary fear.

I had no intention of hiding the fact I was opening my business on Thursday and openly advertised this on social media.

We cannot continue to lose our businesses and jobs. We will end up in a situation where we can’t pay our bills or feed our families.  What about cancer, heart disease, suicide, domestic violence and mental health, are we to believe that only COVID 19 lives matter?  Does the government really want it’s nation to end up on Universal Credit? They are already trialling this in Finland, it pays £48 per week.

I know the police were 'doing their job' but I do believe there was an unnecessary large number of police in attendance and the attitude they came with was both negative and hostile.  We were in no way aggressive or rude.

I was handcuffed and taken to Harlow police station where I refused to answer any questions. I did speak about mental health and the damage the COVID-19 legislation was doing to our country.  I suffer from Mental Health myself and stated that if I ended up going home and deciding to end my life then my blood would be on their hands, to which the custody sergeant stated she was just doing her job and I replied ' so were those who enforced segregation and it didn't make that right'. I also commented that the people that hid Ann Frank were also committing a crime but aren't we glad they did.  Just because it is law/legislation, it doesn't make it humane.  The custody sergeant then said that because I had mentioned suicide that I would have to be stripped of all my clothes, I replied 'I am not going to hurt myself at the police station'.  She gave me the option of removing my clothes voluntarily or by force.  I removed all my jewellery and was then escorted into a police cell with 4 or 5 women police officers and had to remove all my clothes, I was naked. I was given a pair of blue padded shorts and a blue padded tunic-like top (safety suit) which was about ten sizes too big. I was not allowed underwear. I was then left in the cell.

Approximately 3pm, some 4.5 hours later I was sitting on the cell bed and was picking at the cotton on the cover, within minutes the police came in and removed the cover. I told the police officer I was bored; I was sitting in a tiny cell for hours with no human interaction (isolation is a nightmare for those suffering from depression/mental health). The police officer said I could have some magazines and gave me two copies of Country Living and a copy of Grazia. I asked to see a doctor as I felt I was losing my mind in that cell and she sat and spoke to me for a little bit and left. I was so frustrated I tore up one of the magazines.  Within aprox 10 minutes the police came back into the cell and further charged me with one count of Criminal Damage to a magazine owned by Essex Police costing £6 and further stated that because I was going to blame Essex Police if I harmed myself that she was going to remand me in custody until I could attend court in the morning.  With that, I cried and tore pictures of dogs and flowers out of the other magazines and stuck them on the cell wall, so I had something to look at.  

At around 4.30am I again asked to see a doctor but was spoken to by the police officer on duty and I again said that I felt I was losing my mind and I was crying and he offered me a tracksuit to wear instead of the 'safety suit', he said 'I'm trying to be nice', I accepted the offer and changed into a grey tracksuit, which to be fair was much nicer and far less degrading.

I settled back down and was woken again around 8.30am as Serco had arrived to take me to court.  The lady that collected me asked if I knew that I was being transferred to Southend Police Station for a virtual court hearing, I told her that I had no idea I was going to Southend and this was the first I had heard.  I was then handcuffed and loaded into the back of a Serco prisoner transport vehicle 'meat wagon' and taken to Southend Police Station. I would like to say that both Serco officers were very nice and I am grateful for the kindness they showed me.  On arriving at Southend I was taken back into the police station and booked back in.  I will say at this point that, although still not pleasant, my experience at Southend Police Station was completely different to Harlow, I was spoken to with respect and compassion.  I was finally taken to court aprox 1.30pm where the case was rescheduled for a preliminary hearing on 7th December and Court Date for 17th February.

I believe the government is lying to us, the figures around COVID-19 are manipulated. We have NHS staff coming forward publicly resigning as they cannot lie any more. The Barrington Declaration, signed by over 26,000 medical professionals, offers a more focused approach by protecting the elderly and vulnerable whilst leaving the young, fit and healthy to continue running the country. This was rejected by parliament.

The government is there, elected by us, The People, to govern not to Rule.  The United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland belong to The People. This country does not belong to the governments, it belongs to us The People. We elected them into power to govern in the best interests of The People.

We demand transparency and if the governments cannot provide this then I call for Boris Johnson and the Tory Party to be removed from power immediately and for a new government to be elected.

I will not be giving any interviews through Main Stream Media, as I believe they are as corrupt as the government.  The Media gives you 'one' view, which is their view. I gave an interview with Heart Radio before this happened and everything I said in the interview regarding PCR testing and the 93% false positives and the manipulation of the figures around fatalities (ANY death within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test) and the Barrington Declaration which was edited out.

I will continue to fight for what I believe is right

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