Club Rules

We don’t want to bog you down with do’s and don’ts but we do want everyone to be able to enjoy their workout and be safe, therefore, every member needs to abide by our club rules.  These and others are incorporated into your membership contract with us.

These are our commandments:

  • Thou shalt always bring their membership card and swipe before entry and have completed an induction before using the facilities
  • Thou shalt not drop the weights and always replace them after use
  • Thou shalt dress in an appropriate manor i.e. no bare chests. Vests must be worn at all times
  • Thou shalt always wipe down machinery after use and return weights to racks
  • Thou shalt not consume any food or drink on the premises which has been bought outside
  • Thou shalt not use the gymnasium whilst under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances or bring such items onto the premises
  • Thou shalt not use foul or abusive language or harass other members, guests or visitors to the gym
  • Thou shalt not smoke on the premises
  • Thou shalt leave their personal belongings at their own personal risk. Ripped does not accept liability for possessions lost or stolen
  • Thou shalt remain Ripped at all times


Contact Information

01279 433043

Opening Times

Monday - Friday
5.30am - 10pm

7.30am - 7pm

8am - 6pm

Bank Holidays
8am - 4pm

Open everyday of the year including Christmas Day!

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