ELvis Meade - our Founder

30/05/1959 – 02/01/2014

Born in Hackney in 1959 Elvis started his work career at Clissold Park Youth Centre in Stokenewington. Even back in those days Elvis lived and breathed strength training. Described as a man’s man Elvis had a side to him of perfection. His sense of style and fashion were faultless. He spent more money on his wardrobe than his wife would care to imagine. No one could fault Elvis’ style, he was a Legend when it came to fashion.

Elvis had dreams of how he wanted his life, always feeling he was destined for something more. On 8th November 2008 Elvis and his wife Michelle launched Ripped Gym Harlow. Strength Training and Bodybuilding was always Elvis’ passion and he created a multi award winning gym, now voted the most decorated Strength Training Gym in the UK.

Elvis was the face of Ripped Gym, he was the gym. His demeanour and his presence is what has made the gym what it is today. Elvis built his dream and It can safely be said that Elvis passed with no regrets. He achieved everything he set out to achieve in life.

Following a short illness Elvis passed away aged 54 on 2nd January 2014.

Ripped Gym Basildon was launched and dedicated to his memory in March 2015. Ripped Gym Basildon is the largest Hammer Strength facility in the UK bar none.

Gone but never forgotten.


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