Ripped Gym Covid 19 Action Plan

·         Advertising on website and social media the measures that have been put in place to manage Covid 19 to ensure transparency and communication of rules.
·         A digital temperature check will be recorded for everyone entering the gym and anyone with a temperature over 38’ will not be permitted entry
·         Latex and non-latex gloves will be provided free of charge for customer use. This is not mandatory.
·         Customers will be required to sign in and confirm they have no symptoms associated with Covid 19 before entering the gym
·         The sign in record will include time of entry and exit, name and telephone number in accordance with track and trace
·         Ripped Gym will use a counter for people entering the gym so we will know exactly how many people are in the facility at any one time
·         Ripped Gym will operate a maximum capacity limit according to the size of the units
·         Once maximum capacity is reached Ripped Gym will operate a 1 in 1 out system
·         We would encourage people to call the gym so we can advise on numbers to save unnecessary waiting. Harlow 01279 433 043
·         There will be signage to ensure customers are socially distanced whilst entering and exiting the gym to allow a controlled flow of customers
·         Ripped Gym will encourage users to arrive at the facility in sports kit and to shower at home where possible.  We will limit the use of changing rooms to 2 people at any one time
·         Handwashing and hand sanitising stations have been provided throughout the gym and customers will be required to sanitise their hands before and after using the gym
·         Cardio equipment will be spaced 2 meters apart. Using other equipment you must maintain 2 meter social distancing.
·         Antibacterial wipes have been placed throughout the gym and customers will be required to wipe down machinery before and after use
·         During peak times there will be a limit on activity time to 90 minutes
·         Ripped Gym will be encouraging customers to stagger their training times to avoid reaching maximum capacity
·         Shutters and doors will remain open with the extraction fans in operation throughout opening hours to comply with the ventilation requirements
·         Ripped Gym has been industrially cleaned before opening
The cleaning schedule is 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm which is a professional daily clean
Ripped Gym will sanitise the entire premises every evening at 10pm using a defogging machine
These measures are in place in addition to customers wiping down equipment during the day and staff cleaning
Bins are emptied twice a day
·  The use of facemasks will be accordance with government guidelines which seem to change daily
·         Staff will be required to wear facemasks and gloves
·         These rules are subject to change
·         RIPPED GYM OPENING HOURS WILL BE 4am – 10pm from Saturday 25th July – Friday 7th August EVERY DAY to cope with initial demand. After 2 weeks we will review the opening hour


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